Back to the Basics

Posted August 16, 2010.

Sometimes it is worth a review of the basics. Here is what your woburn dentist recommends for an everlasting healthy smile:

  • Brush your tongue.
  • Brush your teeth manually one minute on the top and one minute on the bottom. Always use soft brush and put half the bristles on the gum and half on the teeth. Go downward on the top, and go upward on the lowers. Never brush horizontally.
  • Flossing: secure the floss in a C shape hugging the tooth, floss it up and down, then hug the tooth next to it and floss it in the same manner, then come out. People tend to pass the floss up and down without hugging any tooth. This will only dislodge food but not remove plaque off the teeth.
  • Finally brush with an electric toothbrush, 30 seconds on each quadrant. Put half the bristles half on the gum and half on the teeth. DO NOT bend the bristle at all, pressing too hard since will damage your gum.
  • For periodontal patients with greater than 4mm pockets, rubber tip only the back molars. Insert the tip in a 90 degree angle, and massage counting to 10. Rubber tip each area from the cheek side and the tongue side.

Go through these few steps every day, and you will show great results.

Your Woburn Dentist,


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