Dental Hygiene: How To Care For Your Child’s Teeth

Dental Hygiene How To Care For Your Child's TeethIt’s quite an occasion the first time you notice that first baby tooth popping up through your child’s gums. Naturally, it’s important to make sure that your child’s baby teeth stay clean and taken care of.

However, the real dental health priority comes when you child’s permanent teeth start to come in. These teeth need to last for a lifetime, and as the parent, it’s up to you to teach your son or daughter good oral hygiene habits so that dentures and tooth extractions are not in their future.

To help your child take optimal care of their permanent teeth right from the beginning, use these crucial tips!

4 Ways To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

• Get good habits going early.

Again, even before your child’s adult teeth come in, teaching your son or daughter proper dental hygiene habits with their baby teeth is crucial. This gets it in their minds that “brushing time” is just another part of the daily routine.

You should start with brushing when they are about two (or when those teeth first start coming in), and if you can help it, don’t completely do the brushing for them. They should start to get the feel of holding a toothbrush as soon as they can.

• See the dentist right away.

Many parents are unaware that they should go to the dentist with their child as soon as their first tooth pops up. Again, this is all about habits and a little bit of conditioning.

Of course, nothing is likely to be wrong with your child’s first tooth, but it’s important to expose them to the dentist’s office, sitting in the dentist’s chair, and having someone feel in their mouth so that it’s not such a shock when they actually have to get a cleaning.

• Make brushing time fun.

Here’s the truth: children don’t like to brush their teeth, and they certainly don’t like the floss. Unfortunately, these are both things that they have to do twice a day. As the parent, the only way to make this situation better is to infuse some fun into brushing time.

To do this, consider offering a sticker every time your child brushes their teeth. You can put a calendar in the bathroom and apply a sticker for every day that brushing goes well. You might even offer an incentive, such as a toy or a favorite meal, if your child has a whole month of great brushing.

Other ways to make brushing time more fun include allowing your child to pick out a fun toothbrush or a toothpaste with a tasty flavor or singing songs and playing games during brushing time.

• Keep sugar at bay as much as possible.

Here’s another truth: children love sugar. Don’t we all? But of course, sugar is the enemy when it comes to oral health. As the parent, you choose the food in the house, and you choose what your child eats. Even if it’s hard, try to eliminate sugar from your child’s diet as much as possible.

Teaching your child about proper dental hygiene and making a point of improving their oral health will help them greatly as they get older. As a parent, you can get a good start on teaching the best habits today by following the tips above.

To learn more information on the best care for your children’s teeth, don’t hesitate to contact Agape Dentist!

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