How Cancer Patients Can Fight Cavities

Posted December 15, 2010.

Cancer patients go through extensive treatments which results in developing dry mouth and cavities. to prevent that, patients should:

  • use a rinse called Caphosol prescribed by their Doctor or Dentist. this rinse is covered by medical insurance since it is expensive.
  • use anything over the counter that has Xylitol in it like Spry, Ice breakers, ice cubes gum, or any Xylitol mints. there is also a prescribed Lollipops that will increase salivation. “Xylitol is safe for diabetics”.
  • patients should also use a special paste sold only in dental offices that will give protection for several hour at night while sleeping.
  • should use backing soda while brushing, or you can buy a tooth paste called WOW, and use it. this tooth paste has baking soda+ Xylitol+ citric acid.
  • and in office varnish treatment 3 times a year.

In summary, Morning Brushing with baking soda, keep the mouth moist during the day with Xylitol, at night use a protective paste, and Varnish treatments 3 times a year.

Next week i will be talking about Kids with braces and how to prevent those annoying white lines that we commonly see after the braces are removed.

Happy Brushing and flossing everyone.