Are You Covered at Our Dental Practice?

Posted July 29, 2014.

Our mission is to provide quality dental treatment for the Woburn residents. Tooth decay and other dental issues continue to disturb my patients’ lives. We provide general, cosmetic and restorative dental services to stop and/or prevent these dental problems. From the minute you schedule an appointment, we work with you to make sure your visit is as comfortable and convenient as possible. That is why we want to discuss insurance coverage.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover at Our Woburn Dentist Office?

Standard dental insurance plans cover regular services such as checkups and cavity treatment (with deductible or co-pay). However, more expensive treatments needed for services, such as fabrication and placement of crowns and bridges, may be subjected to an annual dollar limit.

With this in mind, patients looking to purchase dental insurance should be careful to look over the fine points of any potential plans they are considering. It is also very important to identify which dental services are not covered. All too often, patients assume that their plans cover services, but then the insurance providers do not cover it. It is far better to know these limitations in advance than to face unexpected charges. Our office staff can help.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns about your dental insurance. Preventive dentistry means a healthy smile.

At Agape Dentist, we’re currently accepting new patients and welcome you to call 781-935-2200 to schedule an appointment. Call us today! We’re located at 576 Main Street Woburn.

P.S. It is important for patients requiring dental implants to know beforehand what their dental insurance covers, as well as what their regular health insurance might cover.

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