Deal with It When It Shows Up

Posted June 18, 2010.

When you or your Woburn Dentist identify a problem in your mouth, it is better to deal with it when it shows up not when it blows up. Sometimes it may appear easy to wait and not deal with it right away, especially when there is no pain.

However, these problems are likely to turn into bigger problems which will be more costly, more timely, and potentially more painful.

For example, it is better to get older fillings replaced to prevent repeated decay. When you replace older fillings, it is a fairly easy procedure that can take 30-60 minutes. By not replacing them, additional decay will result, and subsequently, you will need a larger filling, possibly a root canal, and maybe a crown.

So, prevention is the best approach, and it is always better to deal with dental problems when they show up not when they blow up.

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