Five Celebrities with Dental Veneers

Posted December 17, 2014.

Find out which of your favorite celebrity smiles might be the result of dental veneers.

Some of us have a guilty pleasure for celebrity gossip, while others just enjoy watching a good movie or TV show. No matter what part of the celebrity world you are fascinated by, most of us can agree that their smiles are often stunning. Those dazzling white and perfectly straight smiles can leave us feeling less-than-thrilled about our own; however, most of these stars weren’t born with these perfect smiles. Many of them have dental veneers to thank. If you are looking to get the star-studded smile treatment, then consider getting dental veneers in Woburn. Then you can join this list of famous celebrities who opted for this cosmetic treatment, too.

Katy Perry: Whether you love this pop star’s music or not, you can’t deny it; her smile is gorgeous. Those pearly whites are easy to spot from the red carpet and having a beautiful set of teeth certainly makes it easy for her to smile often. However, she owes that vibrant, straight set of teeth to dental veneers.

Tom Cruise: While it certainly has been publicized enough, Cruise didn’t have the best smile before cosmetic dentistry. In fact, you might not even recognize his smile before and after. While he still had that handsome face, his crooked teeth were a bit distracting, which is why he opted for dental veneers. Now he has a knocked-out smile to go with the rest of his rugged good looks.

Jennifer Garner: This busy actress and mother of three still has time to keep herself looking amazing. Luckily it’s a bit easier when you have a perfect set of teeth to flash for the cameras. Her gummy smile of her younger years has quickly been replaced with a radiant new smile thanks to dental veneers.

Chris Rock: We love him for his crazy comedy; however, it would be a whole lot harder to listen to his jokes if we were left staring at his smile. However, whenever he opens his mouth all we notice is a brilliant set of teeth. That’s because his once gapping smile is now perfectly aligned with dental veneers.

David Bowie: While people might want the moves like Jagger they certainly don’t want the teeth like Bowie, or at least they didn’t. This musical icon didn’t start out with the most iconic smile. While the fans love him no matter what, it certainly doesn’t hurt that now we can enjoy his music and also a beautiful smile.

If you want to find out how dental veneers could give you the smile you want, then call your Woburn dentist today to schedule a consultation. You don’t have to be a celebrity to get that gorgeous smile!

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