How Gum Disease Affects Pregnancy

Posted February 3, 2011.

Often pregnant women shy away from dental cleanings thinking it is bad for the baby. On the contrary, if the pregnant woman does not get her regular cleanings on time, she is more at risk to develop gum disease which in turn causes premature births and still born infants.

Fusobacterium nucleatum is linked to premature births and still born infants, it increases in number when gum disease is present. This increase in number of F. Nucleatum bacteria with the immune system working less than normal during pregnancy, cause this bacteria to attack the placenta and the amniotic fluid through the blood stream which results in preterm birth.

Please Brush, floss, and rinse with anti bacterial rinse. Visit your dentist for check ups and cleanings. It is as simple as that.

Is not prevention simple and the best?

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