Halloween & Oral Health

Choose Candy Carefully
Candy and other sweets that stay in the mouth for a long time cause an increased risk for tooth decay. This isn’t the case if the candy is sugar-free.Avoid Sticky Candy
Sticky candies can cling to the teeth. They take longer to be washed away by saliva, thus increasing the risk of tooth decay.Drink More Water
Make sure your child drinks lots of water to help flush out food particles. In addition, fluoridated water can help prevent tooth decay. If your child drinks bottled water, choose kinds that are fluoridated.

Snack at the Right Time
Halloween candy, as well as other snacks and sugary foods, should be eaten with meals or shortly after. During meals, the production of saliva increases and helps cancel out the acids made by bacteria in the mouth. Saliva also helps rinse away food particles.

Steer Clear of Sugary Beverages
Flavored water, sports drinks, and soda all fit into this category. When the teeth are frequently exposed to sugary beverages, the risk of tooth decay is increased.

Brush Twice Daily
Make sure your child brushes their teeth for two minutes at least twice a day. Using a fluoride toothpaste will help to further protect their teeth.

Floss Your Teeth
Make sure your child flosses at last once a day to clean between their teeth. Flossing removes plaque and food from between the teeth and under the gum line.

We encourage you to contact Agape Dentist today for more tips and to schedule your child’s next visit with Dr. Ghada S. Massabni. Our dentist and team in Woburn, Massachusetts, look forward to seeing your family!

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