How to Handle Teeth Accidents

Posted January 6, 2011.

When kids get into accidents and break their teeth or might come out of their mouth, that is when you need to be calm, collective, and do the following:

  • If tooth is a baby tooth don’t worry about replanting it back into the socket, if it is an adult tooth hold it by the crow and DO NOT touch the root.
  • Rinse the tooth with water, saline, or milk for 10 seconds, DO NOT scrub the root. Try to replant the tooth back to the socket and hold it in place until you see the dentist.
  • If you can not replant the tooth, then soak the tooth in cold milk or saline, milk is even better. DO NOT soak the tooth in water this will hurt the vital cell of the tissue surrounding the root.
  • Patient should see the dentist immediately or within the hour, the longer the tooth stays outside the mouth the less success we have to save the vitality of the tooth
  • Remember see the dentist immediately, or with in the hour at the most.Happy New Year everyone, may it a blessed year to you all and your families.
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