Do Not Let Fear Be an Obstacle in Achieving Everlasting Healthy Smile

Posted January 21, 2011.

Many individuals avoid the dentist because of fear of pain or fear of embarrassment. Let me tell you, we have seen it all. We are not in the dental business to judge people nor to inflict pain. We are here to help all people to achieve ever lasting healthy smile. All we need is for the patient to tell us in the first visit about their fears so we can customize the treatment. Also, dentistry has advanced so much to help different needs.

There are many other reasons why these individuals should not avoid the dentist:

  • They will miss on their oral cancer exam
  • They will miss on their dental, gum, and TMJ exam
  • They will miss on the PH balance of the mouth exam.
  • They will miss on any opportunity to save the teeth, or prevent bone loss
  • They will miss on the opportunity of learning about regular home and office care.
  • They will miss on a possibility of cosmetic enhancement.
  • They will miss on the education we provide for a long time maintenance.
  • Finally I would like to say let us help you when things show up in the mouth not when they blow up.
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