Overcome Dental Anxiety

overcome dental anxietyPosted May 21, 2010.

How to Communicate with Your Dentist and Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Prevention is the key to good oral health, and this includes daily dental care and routine visits to your Woburn dentist. People who suffer from dental anxiety, however, often avoid regular visits to their dentist, and this in turn can lead to dental problems.
Fortunately, it’s not difficult to overcome your dental anxiety, especially with new and innovative technology now available that help educate patients and streamline dental care. With that being said, communication should be the foundation of any dental treatment plan. Get to know your dentist, educate yourself about good dental health and take advantage of advanced dental technology.

Establishing Trust with Your Dentist

If you don’t feel comfortable at your dentist’s office, you are going to have a difficult time relaxing during a procedure. Learn to express your fears and concerns to your dentist so that she can administer the most suitable treatment for your needs. Remember, your dentist is not only trained for clinical skills, but for patient anxiety as well.

Just as you need to learn how to trust your dentist, your dentist also needs to feel confident that she can trust you. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms or dental pain, you need to tell your dentist so that she can properly diagnose you and help treat your problem. For instance, if you’re suffering from an excruciating toothache, but avoid telling your dentist because you don’t want a root canal, you are only making the condition worse and prolonging the pain.

Laser Dentistry for Phobia-Free Dental Care

Perhaps it’s the sound of the drill or your intense fear of needles that keeps you from scheduling regular appointments with your dentist. Luckily, with new advances in dental technology, receiving quality treatment from your Woburn dentist is safer, faster and more comfortable than ever. Using a specialized beam of light, your dentist in Woburn can successfully treat dental diseases for both hard and soft oral tissue, targeting decay with higher water content and ultimately preserving the healthy part of the natural tooth structure.

Laser dentistry is revolutionizing the way dentists can administer dental care for certain procedures, minimizing pain and working much faster compared to other traditional techniques. In fact, clinical studies have shown that 97% of children and adult patients receiving laser dentistry did not require anesthesia, meaning less time is lost waiting for Novocain to take effect or wear off.

Online Communication and Education

Communicating with your dentist is easier than ever with the power of the World Wide Web. In fact, many dentists have integrated the Internet into their practice by building a website with practice details, service descriptions and dental education that help expedite appointments and enable patients to get to know their dentist from the comfort of their homes. Ultimately, an educated patient is a less anxious patient, and the more informed you are about your dentist and the services offered, the more confident you’ll feel at your next appointment.

Not only can a dental website provide you with valuable dental information, it can also make communicating with your dentist easier and more efficient than ever. You can visit your Woburn dentist’s site and make an appointment online, and if you’re new to the practice, print new patient forms and fill them out before your first appointment.

Don’t let your fear of the dentist prevent you from receiving exceptional dental care and a healthy, radiant smile. Talk to your dentist and express your misgivings; learn more about advanced dental technology such as laser dentistry; and take advantage of a wide range of dental information by visiting your dentist’s website.

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