What Patients Don’t Know About Missing Teeth

Posted June 29, 2011

People often say: “Oh, this missing tooth is in the back no one will see it, i am not going to replace it.” People do not take missing back teeth as seriously as missing front ones. I tell my patients that when all teeth are present, they keep each other in line. The gap that results from a missing tooth, make other teeth shift from their place causing spacing betwen the rest of the teeth in the same arch, and a shift of the teeth in the apposing arch. This shifting will result in changing the bite overall. This gap also causes cavities, gum disease, loss of other teeth, and potentially jaw pain.

When a patient starts loosing more teeth, his or her chewing habits change, and the person tends to put more force on the remaining ones. This leads to tooth fractures, excessive wear, headaches, and TMJ problems. The deterioration of the bite happens faster with some people than others. Bone density plays a role in how fast this process happens, periodontal disease accelerates the shifting, also biting and chewing habbits plays a role.

Make sure you replace every missing tooth as soon as you loose it. Do not take teeth and oral health lightly, remember everything you put in your mouth goes to your body.

Finally I say to you all: healthy mouth, healthy life.

Enjoy the summer.

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