Why Does Your Tooth Ache?

You have several different nerves that run through your mouth and cause irritation if damaged. Because of this, you could experience discomfort that fades almost immediately if you bite into something hot or cold, or intense lingering pain, depending on the nature of the damage. Please note that more severe issues won’t heal naturally. This is because your teeth are closed retainers with restricted blood supply.How do you address a toothache before you can get to your dentist? You could consider using aspirin—but please avoid putting the aspirin directly on your tooth. Doing so could actually damage your gums. Placing a cotton swab that’s been dipped in oil of clove on the sore tooth can also be helpful. Rinsing your mouth with a combination of warm water and salt can also help your toothache. Furthermore, a few foods have antibiotic properties. These foods include garlic and onions.If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you deal with a toothache, please contact Agape Dentist at 781.995.4445. Dr. Ghada S. Massabni and our team will examine the health of your mouth and offer you any personalized advice you may need. We’re eager to hear from you soon.
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